Needle Loom Operator
Pay Rates: $20 / Hourly - Lt Industrial | $30 / Over Time Hour-LtInd | $1 / Incorp Premium
Barrie, Ontario

Retrieves and transports raw materials required to produce correct products by operating the forklift and using other powered equipment and lifting devices2. Places raw materials into the feedbox3. Sets up the needle line machines and blends fiber according to instructions4. Feeds needle loom machines and blend fiber according to instructions.5. Adjusts machine performance on material by observing machine operation;detecting malfunctions; adjusting settings6. Observes process and continuously checks fabrics or products for defects andverifies quality and efficiency requirements7. Investigates and troubleshoots equipment stoppages and notifies the teamleader if there are any assembly, safety or quality issues8. Notifies team leader or maintenance of mechanical malfunctions9. Transports and stores finished products and packaging materials throughout theplant by operating the forklift and using other powered equipment and liftingdevices10.Records all production information on the production and quality reports 11.Performs basic maintenance, repair and cleaning duties of the equipment toinclude; cleaning fiber from pulleys, belts, chains and boards, using air hoses toblow fiber from under machinery, replacing side panels and screwing bolts 12.Ensure a safe environment at all times13.Maintains complete knowledge of and complies with company and departmentalpolicies, procedures and standards14.Maintains client and company confidence by keeping information confidential andsecure15.Maintains a positive working relationship with team members and managementin a team environment16.Sets-up and organizes individual work area with designated supplies, forms andresource materials while maintaining cleanliness at all timesMental Effort Required to Perform the Job:➢ Frequent mental attentiveness and listening is required when being given instructions from the Plant Manager➢ Frequent juggling a variety of tasks Physical Effort Required to Perform the Job:➢ Frequently standing and walking for long periods of time➢ Manual dexterity is required to operate looms or other processing machines ➢ Occasional manual lifting of equipment and rolls using the dolly➢ Must be able to move and pick up 50 lbs. by self on occasion Last Updated: 11/2012➢ Must be able to move and pick up 51 to 79 lbs. with assistance.➢ Over 80 lbs assistance is required.

Requirements Must Have Steel Toed Boots. 4 weeks days 7am to 5pm4 weeks evenings 5pm to 3amMonday-Thursday

Posted on Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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