General Office Support
Pay Rates: $20 / Hourly - Lt Industrial | $30 / Over Time Hour-LtInd | $1 / Incorp Premium
Burlington, Ontario

This is a role for a Phone receptionist mainly. The first and most important part of the role is to answer phones as they ring. Then they will be directing and transferring the calls to the correct person. To do so they will need to page people. For this reason they need to have perfect english and a minimal accent if any. The second part of the job is data entry. They will be working with accounts payable and receivable doing very entry level data input. Ideally this candidate will have a generic but working knowledge of excel. Enough to know how to input numbers into it and enough to know how to not mess up any already inputted fields. They will not be working with formulas or anything. Basic understanding of how to bold, italic, change color of and navigate through an excel document. The role is from Monday-Friday 8-4. It is an 8 hour work day and they are paid while on their half hour lunch break. Ideally they want them to start out as a temp and turn to perm at the end of the 26 weeks. Located in Burlington, paying $20 an hour. Cheryl suggested looking for candidates from Hamilton and Oakville. (She has had the most success keeping these candidates as it is closer.)


Posted on Friday, March 18, 2022

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