Afternoon Production Team Leader Finishing
Pay Rates: $21 / Hourly - Lt Industrial | $31.5 / Over Time Hour-LtInd | $1 / Incorp Premium
Barrie, Ontario

Key Requirements:• 5+ years’ experience within a heavy industrial manufacturing role.• 3+ years working in a Team Leader position, evaluating production staff.• Proficient with computers, scanning procedures and data entry.• Mechanically inclined, working knowledge of operating large machinery.Physical Requirements:• Frequent standing and walking for long periods of time.• Continuous manual lifting of equipment and rolls using the dolly.• Must be able to move and pick up 50 lbs. by self.• Must be able to move and pick up 51 to 79 lbs. with assistance.• Over 80 lbs. must request and obtain assistance.Job Responsibilities• Responsible for supervising the work activities for the shift, including assignment of work, andmonitoring daily production requirements.• Leads the onboarding and training of new staff, documenting training records, monitoringprogression, and making recommendations to the Manufacturing Manager of any areas forimprovement.• Provides input and feedback on all direct reports’ performance evaluations and any other employeerelated issues.• Maintaining complete knowledge of and complies with company and departmental policies,procedures, and standards.Albarrie Canada Limited is committed to providing a workplace of diversity and equity, free from harassment and discrimination. As a dedicatedmember of the Excellence in Manufacturing, we continually strive to ensure an optimal healthy and safe working environment. To protect yourpersonal information, all application and resumes will be held for a period of up to 6 months and will be stored or destroyed in a securemanner. Thank you for your interest in joining the Albarrie Canada Limited team, only those contacted will be considered for the position.• Maintains a safe work environment at all times. Monitors and ensures direct reports are meetinghealth and safety standards and providing feedback to Plant Manager of any health and safetyconcerns.• Supervises the heat-setting, coating, and grading of fabrics to meet ISO standards and performsthese duties when required.• Performs the calendaring and singeing to meet ISO standards.• Sets-up finishing equipment as per work order.• Sorts products by style, colour, length or other criteria.• Examines fabric or products for conformity to quality standards.• Marks and repairs minor defects on fabric.• Runs sample fabric trials.• Finishes fabric according to the work order.• Sort products by style, colour, size, length, or other criteria• Supervises the measuring, weighing, and packaging of the finished products when required• Troubleshoots equipment stoppages and notifies maintenance of mechanical malfunctions.• Maintains complete knowledge of and complies with company and departmental policies,procedures, and standards.• Maintains client and company confidence by keeping information confidential and secure• Maintains a positive working relationship with team members and management in a teamenvironment.• Sets-up and organizes individual work area with designated supplies, forms, and resource materialswhile, maintaining cleanliness at all times.

Requirements Must have reliable transportation to and from work. No bus route comes out at 1am.

Posted on Wednesday, April 20, 2022

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