Payroll and Clients

Payroll and Customers
How it works

Help Unlimited complies with all CRA Payroll requirements. We take care of all cost relating to Payroll and ensure that all deductions including Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan, and Federal Income Tax, T4's and Record of Employments are taken off your hands.

Submission of Hours for Employees
Our employees are paid on a weekly basis. They are responsible for submitting their hours to Help Unlimited using a Help Unlimited time sheet or trip sheet. However, as a customer if you would like to submit the hours for the employees that work for you, we ask that you let us know the format in which you will be sending the hours, and that it be done thought written communication and not verbally.
The hours must be submitted by Tuesday 12noon, by email to [email protected] or by fax to 905-452-8768.

Submitting Hours
by Time Sheet:
We have time sheets which can be used for one employee or a group time sheet which can be used by the customer for the entry of more than one employee. Once the employee has worked and filled in the time sheet for each day and it has been approved by you, the hours can be attached via email or sent by fax to the Payroll Department.

by Spreadsheet:
You may choose to send the hours using your own excel spreadsheet including your company name, employee names, and dates and hours worked. They can also be sent by fax or email.