what you need to know

    • Your Employment Standard Rights
    • Always be PROFESSIONAL
    • When your assignment is complete, report to Dispatch immediately
    • Our reputation and yours, is only as good as the work YOU put in
    • Please notifiy Help Unlimited as soon as your address or telephone number changes
    • Communication with our Dispatch Department is the key to a successful placement
    • Ensure you receive:
        • Job Description
        • Pay Rate
        • Length of Assignment
        • Work Address
        • Supervisor’s Name
    • Help Unlimited requires 2 week notice for Vacations
    • It is the responsibilty of all employees to inform Dispatch immediately if you are:
        • Running Late for Work
        • Sick or unable to Work

If you would like to contact our Dispatch Team use the button below

Know your rights

In partnership with our clients; Help Unlimited takes all reasonable precautions to protect the Health & Safety of all our employees. All injuries and illnesses regardless of the severity must be reported to our Dispatch Department immediately.

We also have a Return to Work Program and all members of the workplace have a shared responsibility to actively participate when required to do so.

All employees are required to wear CSA approved safety boots and employees will be informed rregarding required protective equipment such as:

    • Safety Vest
    • Hard Hat
    • Safety Glasses
    • Other Personal Protective Equipment

Bill 168

Workplace Violence
1. Exercise Physical Force
2. Attempt to exercise Physical Force
3. A statement of Behaviour against a worker in a workplace and could cause physical injury

Harassment is defined as “Engaging in a course of Vexatious comment and or conduct”.

If a situation arises call 905 452-0995

If you would like to contact our Dispatch Team use the button below