Bridging the Gap Between Stereotypes and Reality

Growing up with a grandfather who was a driver and a father who owns a driver agency, the concept of the transportation industry was ingrained in my world from an early age. However, reconciling my love for my pink fluffy wardrobe room with a desire to obtain an AZ license or balancing perfectly manicured nails with owning an agency that helps people hire drivers myself might seem contradictory. How does one straddle these seemingly opposing worlds?
In my opinion, it all boils down to education and awareness. 

From an outsider’s perspective, the transportation industry can appear intimidating. Stereotypes often paint a grim picture, associating it with steel-toed boots, lot lizards, and the horrific scenes of Final Destination 2. This skewed perception doesn’t do justice to the dedication and hard work of our drivers. It fails to acknowledge that the food on our dinner tables, the packages we receive, and the products we enjoy wouldn’t be possible without the tireless efforts of truck drivers. 

When you’re inside the industry, you see beyond the stereotypes. You witness the passion and commitment of the people who keep the wheels turning. It’s about recognizing the industry for what it truly is: a vital cog in the machinery of our daily lives. However, without a personal connection or an insider’s perspective, understanding the industry’s true value can be challenging. 

It’s akin to going to a salon, being handed a $300 bill, and struggling to comprehend the breakdown of costs that includes products, labor, education, and operational expenses.  Transportation operates on similar principles, where the final result is a culmination of numerous factors, including education, experience, and the cost of doing business. 

Having been raised in a family business, I started working at a young age. I have fond memories of stuffing envelopes with T4 forms on the floor of my family living room in font of the TV watching Saturday morning cartoons. This later evolved into a reception job at 14. Even through University, I found myself handling our on-calls, after-hours phone line. My roommates loved it. Seriously, they’d mock me in love repeating “this is Hannah MacDonald from Revolution Staffing, how can I help you?” Ringing it off in a well repeated choir as I returned to the table, the bar or the couch. 

I’ve witnessed the early mornings and late nights, the physically demanding tasks, and the last-minute deliveries that bring joy to families on special occasions, the food that sustains people on the table or even the medicine that is given to save lives. The transportation industry’s impact is profound, yet it often doesn’t receive the respect it deserves. Why? The answer lies in education.

It was fortunate to be immersed in the world of trucking from an early age, giving me a unique perspective. However, not everyone has privilege. Over the years, my passion for staffing has grown, especially in guiding individuals to discover careers they not only need but genuinely want. Education is the key to breaking down misconceptions and empowering the next generation. 

Transportation is just one facet of a diverse range of career opportunities that we work with at the Better Together Group; yes drivers but skilled and unskilled labor, permanent placements of office’s, hospitals and much more. To delve deeper into these possibilities, I invite you to explore my podcast, “Workish”. In this podcast, I explore various career paths, shedding light on how each role intertwines with life and society. By fostering understanding and dispelling stereotypes, we can bridge the gap between perception and reality, ensuring that the transportation industry receives the recognition it truly deserves. 

Teething on transportation taught me that appearances can be deceiving. Beyond the surface lies a world of dedication, hard work, and passion. It’s time we shed light on these truths, fostering a greater understanding of the industry that keeps our world rolling forward.