Dear Next Gen These are exciting days to be entering the workforce. Congratulations, you’re on the brink of many exciting opportunities.

The vast array of choices that are in front of you makes some people fearful they will make the wrong choice. Don’t be afraid. One of the best things about this stage of life is being young gives your lots of runway to recover. So don’t be afraid of making a choice and committing to something. Go ahead take your shot if you fail your have lots of recovery time.

Show up! Really I know it doesn’t need to be said, but today with the number of Ghosts out there IT NEEDS TO BE SAID. Just show up and do the job – whatever the job is.

Love what you do and give your all to it. And don’t forget LOVE is a choice. So choose to love your job. Yes there are going to be parts of your job that suck. That is why they have to pay. You to show up. But whatever you do throw yourself into it and don’t hold back. Don’t go at it half hearted pour yourself into your first job and see what you learn not just new skills and new knowledge but learn about yourself, and what your capable of. Until you pour yourself into something you’ll never know what you are fully capable of.

Find a mentor. Find someone you can respect in your company who you don’t work for and buy them lunch or take them out for coffee and ask their advice about work projects and company culture and how to get things done or get along with difficult co-workers. Find someone outside your company but in the industry and get to know them and ask relevant questions. Attend industry functions or educational events outside of regular business hours and get to know people and learn things that can add value to your company.

Spend time on LinkedIn but not too much time. Take 15-30 minutes everyday to see what’s going on in your industry. Do it in bed in the morning or on the treadmill at the gym or in the bathroom or waiting in line at the store. But engage with industry colleagues and relevant topics online everyday. And stop reading all the 4 day work week and this company just gave a 20% wage increase across the board. Look for things that make you better stronger faster. Find people that make you smarter follow them. Find thought leaders and comment on their posts and ask questions. Engage don’t just like and repost. But actually participate in the dialog.

Last be yourself. Let your uniqueness shine through and just be you. Bring your fullness to everyday and don’t forget to WTF. Work Hard Tell the Truth and Finish the Job.