Through covid the lifestyle of so many people has changed. Not only did people stay home from work but they stayed home from friends, families, events, activities, restaurants … The list goes on and on. Some people picked up new individual hobbies like knitting or drawing, some people got really into their fitness journey and started lifting weights, boxing or biking but regardless of the new addition you have started a personal care journey that post covid may take a back seat to conflicting obligations.

As cerb ends at the end of October and a large group of the population goes back to working it is important to remember that work life balance is just as important now as it was a year ago if not more. 

Taking the time to carve out personal time for yourself and your loved ones is vital to a successful and healthy transition back into a post lock down world. Now, let us preface that covid is not gone and it will not be any time soon however in this stage of return to a new normal life is starting to transition back to what it was before and as a society as a whole it has potential to be a challenging time. 

When most people hear “self care” they think bubble baths, face masks, eating healthy and being physically active. While all of this is accurate, the definition does not stop there. Self care is the act of doing something for yourself and your benefit. If a bubble bath and face mask help you relax or feel rejuvenated – amazing, do it! If sitting alone in the park reading a book is restful and enjoyable to you – great, go have a nice read! If you feel energized and happy with yourself after going axe throwing with your spouse – make it happen. Whatever your self care is, it is important to identify it and schedule a time for it then follow through. By staying on top of your personal care you have the potential to perform more productively at work, have better working and personal relationships and create more output in both the workplace and at home! 

Creating an environment of self care has only positive effects in the end.