Despite the hinging challenges that COVID-19 has displayed across major industries, companies are hiring at a rapid pace as they look to build back post-pandemic. Over the next year, businesses will be looking for ways to come back stronger than ever, and one crucial way to do that is by making sure they have a dynamic team of employees to stand behind them. Since a lot of talent was walked out the door in 2020, businesses are starting to realize that not only will some of those employees not be coming back, but they might not be the right fit for the job anymore. 

“The reality is, that during COVID many companies have had to make cuts. And some of those cuts cut deeply. As you start to build back your business, you need to make sure you’re sourcing the best talent available. More specifically, next-generation talent.”

Dave MacDonald, President, Better Together Group

With major shifts happening across a variety of industries, businesses now have the added pressure of deciding who to bring back and where to fill in the gaps. To bounce-back in a brand new environment, there are a few hiring strategies that we believe can help you build a solid foundation for future success.

Opportunity to upgrade your talent

If you’re currently looking at the remnants of your deflated talent pool not knowing where to start, we highly suggest that you take this opportunity to level up. Your past employees may have helped you get to this point in your business but the reality is, they may not have the necessary skills your organization needs to rebuild in today’s changing environment. The rebuilding phase can be the perfect time to find the next generation of candidates, ones who will help you grow from where you are now and help you navigate what the next ten years and beyond will look like for your business. 

Find Next Generation Talent

Instead of bringing back all previous employees, you may want to consider only bringing back those who have the transferrable skills to pivot with you as your business builds back. This gives organizations the opportunity to onboard the next generation of talent. Next-gen candidates have the technology and digital skills needed to back you up and prepare you for what’s to come in your business.

This is also an opportune time to snag top-level talent from other industries who may not be returning to their roles or whose industries have died completely due to the pandemic. Recruiting specialists can recognize transferrable skills in candidates who may not have industry-specific knowledge, but have the expertise to carry your business forward into the future.

Recognize skill gaps

Chances are, your business has shifted this year leaving some pretty deep holes in your operating systems. Many companies have experienced adaptations and if you’re looking to build back, you will need to perform a skills audit to identify where more specialized employees are needed. As the future of the COVID crisis remains unclear, what we do know for sure is that technology has yet again, changed the game, and the future of post-COVID work has gone digital. On-boarding employees who are going to be able to embrace data, technology, and even AI, are going to help bridge that gap and create a stronger workforce. You may also want to think about re-skilling some of your existing employees who already have the soft skills needed to grow with you, individuals who are trainable and willing to embrace new business models and technology.

According to a recent survey conducted by McKinsey & Company, 87% of companies say they are currently experiencing skill gaps in their organization or are expecting them within the next year.

If you stock your bullpen right out of the gate with candidates who already have the necessary skills to fill current and potential gaps, you can brace yourself for a successful rebuild. A staffing agency that has experience in your niche hiring market, can help you analyze potential skills gaps, and find you next-generation candidates who will be the perfect fit for these new adaptive roles.

Build a productive remote workforce 

Hiring for remote positions brings a whole new set of challenges with the most crucial one being finding candidates who know how to productively work from home. An advantage to hiring for remote positions is the fact that it also deepens the talent pool, as you don’t necessarily have to hire employees who match the role in a geographical sense. Be aware that opening up the hiring borders may cause a bit of overwhelm, as you are likely to get flooded with applicants. This would be the time to lean on a staffing professional, someone who can filter through to find the ideal person to fit the position. It takes knowledge and experience to know how to onboard remote employees, how to screen potential candidates virtually, and also provide them with the support they need to be successful in their new remote role.

How The Better Together Group can help

The Better Together Group is made up of three companies that started niche market hiring in 1966. We have connections inside your industry and also a pool of candidates with transferrable skills from outside your industry. We have the resources available to help you put a successful build-back strategy in place.Many of the changes that occurred this past year are likely to be permanent ones, and life and business as we know it will never be the same. The recruitment processes have drastically changed, and HR professionals may not know or understand how to onboard under these new circumstances. Finding a great employee is the best investment a company can make, especially as business starts to build back.