Workplace Violence

The Management of Help Unlimited is committed to the prevention of Workplace Violence – (Bill 168 ) and in partnership with our clients we all are ultimately responsible for Worker Health & Safety. We will take whatever steps are reasonable to protect our workers from Workplace Violence from all sources that is including to provide information to our employees about the risk of Workplace Violence from a person with a history of violent behavior – if he / she is expected to encounter that individual in the course of work and is likely at risk of physical injury.


Workplace Violence is defined as follows:

1) The Exercise of physical force by a person against a worker and 2) Attempt to exercise physical force that causes or could cause physical injury to the worker 3) Statement of behavior that is reasonable for a worker to interpret as a threat to exercise physical force against the worker, in a workplace that could cause physical injury.


This policy applies to all employees (both “Inside & Outside”) of Help Unlimited (including our client’s employees, visitors, delivery persons, volunteers, etc.) Help Unlimited prohibits firearms and other weapons on company property, company vehicles and or personal vehicles while conducting company business. Weapons are defined as anything used, or designed to be used, in destroying, defeating, threatening or injuring a person.


There is a Workplace Violence Program that implements this policy. It includes measures and procedures to protect workers from Workplace Violence, a means of summoning immediate assistance (Crisis Team) and a process for workers to report incidents, refusals or raise concerns.


In partnership with our clients – Help Unlimited will ensure that this policy and the supporting program are implemented and maintained and that our employees have the appropriate information and instruction to protect them from Violence in the Workplace.


In partnership with our clients – all is expected to work in compliance with this policy to prevent Workplace Violence. All workers are encouraged to raise any concerns about Workplace Violence and to report any violent incidents or threats to your Crisis Team immediately. There will be no negative consequences for reports made in good faith. And along with our clients we pledge to investigate and deal with all incidents and complaints of Workplace Violence in a timely and fair manner, respecting the privacy of all concerned and also any employee who violates this policy will face disciplinary action.