Are you known as the organised one? Do you sort out every detail of your life, from booking dinners, sorting out travel arrangements and even filing the receipts after? And do you find yourself secretly enjoying it? Have you ever thought about a career in administration?

Filing, making travel arrangements, taking bookings, looking after visitors; every office needs an efficient administrator who can ensure that everything behind the scenes of a successful company is running smoothly. Without one, things quickly start to fall apart.

This is a great job for those who like variety and can multi-task with ease. As an office administrator you’ll be expected to turn your hand to jobs such as:
  • Greeting Clients
  • Distributing mail and answering phones
  • Ordering office stationery supplies
  • Typing and Filing
  • Managing schedules

Help Unlimited incorporates the following Administrative Positions:
  • Executive Assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Reception
  • Accounting
  • Customer Service
  • Purchasing
  • Dispatching